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Samuel Žbogar,
Head of the EU Office in Kosovo
and EU Special Representative

Going on a long journey is always very exciting. "All Aboard for Europe!" tells the true story of an amazing holiday. The five lucky winners of the 2011 Europe Quiz went from Pristina to Brussels and back by bus, visiting nine EU countries along the way. Now you can travel with them by reading all about it.

There is also a great game to play and lots of interesting facts about all the countries in the European Union.

When you travel it is good to know foreign languages. "All Aboard for Europe!" will also help you to learn English, a very important language in the EU and worldwide.

If you work hard and learn all about your EU neighbours, then perhaps one day you will win the Europe Quiz too and go on an amazing trip. So, jump on board and let's all take a trip across Europe!

Rame Buja,
Minister of Education,
Science and Technology

For Kosovo, joining the European Union is our biggest aim. So, it is important that the children of Kosovo learn all about the EU – and learn to speak EU languages too.

I gave out prizes at the 2012 Europe Quiz Final, and was very happy to see how much the two teams from "Thimi Mitko" School in Gjilan/Gnijlane and "Emin Duraku" School of Kaçanik/Kač anik knew about the EU.

Knowing about the EU will help us on the road to joining, so we want all Kosovan children to have this knowledge. This book will help you to learn and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology welcomes it. Read it well, play the game, do the activities and you will make a good start on the journey: "All Aboard for Europe!"